Radar sensors for:

  • True ground speed measurement
  • Material flow measurement (particulate material, liquid spray)
  • Distance measurement

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Rauch Axmat Sensor

Sensors and systems for:

  • Speed measure­ment
  • Distance measure­ment
  • Material flow measure­ment
  • Monitoring of spray, seed and fertilize operations

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Material Flow Measurement

Contactless true precision.

True ground speed

True-ground-speed-sensor Speed Wedge MKII

True-ground speed radar

In- and outdoor

Contactless speed measure­ment. The Speed Wedge MKII measures speed by doppler radar, applicable for vehicles, conveyor belts, water flow ....
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True-ground speed GPS


True ground speed measurement for off-highway vehicles. The AccoSat measures speed by fusing DGPS with a 3D accelerometer.
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OptoSpeed - sensor for measurement of low speed

OptoSpeed - optical move­ment sensor for low speed


OptoSpeed is an optical XY move­ment sensor for measure­ment of low speed from 0.01 up to 20 km/h.
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Material flow measurement

Material flow measurement

Material flow measurement

The SprayRay sensor measures the spray of a nozzle by means of radar. The radar signature of the spray depicts the working quality of the nozzle.

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The SprayMon system monitors the spray with SprayRay sensors and working quality of the nozzles e.g. of a sprayer.

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SeeDector particulate material monitoring

Particulate Material Monitoring

The SeeDector sensors measures the amount and speed of material flow in pipes and hoses.

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The SeedMon system monitors the material flow of seeds, mineral fertilizer and liquids in pipes and hoses and alarms if the throughput falls below an operator-­adjustable threshold.
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Material flow measurement

Axmat is a control system optimizing the lateral distribution of disc spreaders. The MSO radar system is the main function element of the Rauch Axmat system.

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Distance measurement

RaDist Distance Measurement

Distance measure­ment with radar

Close range from 20 cm up to 200 cm and high sample rate distance measure­ment pulse radar sensor.
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OptoDist laser distance measurement

Optical Distance measurement

The OptoDist is a close-up range ToF (time of flight) laser distance sensor with high sampling rate for industrial in-door applications.

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